The UK association of Bridging Loan Lenders has officially launched

Bridging Market, a market intelligence organisation specifically for the bridging sector in the UK, launched in August 2022.

Bridging Market .org launch

The website delivers consumer market research to the public domain based on sharing statistically significant data sets sourced from multiple vectors, including directly from randomised samplings of UK consumers.

Bridging Market seeks out niche topical data, trends and consumer insights to the benefit of brokers, lenders and journalists working in the bridging space, enabling them to understand the consumers in this sector better. 

Their surveys identify valuable data that help journalists and organisations write compellingand statistically significant content about bridging finance & the property sectors.

As Stephen Clark from Finbri comments, "Speaking directly to the end-users of bridging finance at large allows us to do three things: challenge our pre-conceptions of consumer requirements, offer a different insight into the problems that our potential customer base faces and help us identify opportunities for 'getting closer' to those potential customers by better aligning our products and services to meet their needs and challenges better."

You can sign up to receive new data sets directly to your inbox by subscribing, for free, to Bridging Market's mailing list via the website

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